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Deluxe Paperback and Puzzle Set

Deluxe Paperback and Puzzle Set

SKU: 627987404517

The most pajamarific book and puzzle set!


Join Annie on her first ever pajamatastic expedition and relive the magic by assembling Annie's Scrapbook Puzzle!


Annie has long dreamed of travelling to countries far and wide to learn about all the different cultures and histories from around the world. When Annie’s magical pajammies transport her to India in a dazzling swirl of color, she is delighted and excited for the journey ahead! Annie and her new friend, Anura, explore the vast and beautiful country, but run into trouble when they test the temperamental nature of a legendary curse… It is up to Annie and her magical pajammies to save the day!

The fun adventure Annie has, the profound friendship she fosters, the valuable lessons she learns, and the didactic nature of the story are sure to provide young readers with a rich and meaningful literary experience!


The puzzle consists of 100 magical pieces, and is suitable for people ages 6 and up.


Assemble the pieces to reveal a beautiful page from Annie's Scrapbook, where she includes highlights from her magical trip to India!


Made with thick cardboard and lots of love, this puzzle is sure to be a perfect fit for you!

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