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Annie's Pajammies

Where the magic begins...

Our Story

Through the sale of our children's picture book and corresponding line of pajamas, we help break the cycle of poverty, eliminate gender inequality and provide boys and girls alike with a foundation on which to build a healthy, happy and prosperous future! Our children's picture book series follows young, protagonist Annie as she achieves her dream of learning about the world by travelling to different countries in the comfort of her magical pajammies! While the premise of the stories is steeped in fantasy and fiction, facts pertaining to each location and culture have been incorporated to teach the young reader, and simultaneously provide him or her with a richer, more didactic reading and learning experience.

Our Impact

A portion of the proceeds from every Annie’s Pajammies unit sold is donated to help facilitate access to education in countries across the globe.


To create a more united and accepting global community.


To build intercultural competence through experiential learning by selling a children’s picture book series in conjunction with a corresponding pajama line.


Education, literacy, and justice; community, comfort, and diversity; empathy, generosity, and gratitude; creativity, imagination, and ambition.

Our Founder

Gutherz Annabel photo.jpg

Annabel Gutherz is a writer, musician, student and social entrepreneur. Through diverse media she ventures to make the world a better place by combining her fierce imagination with her philanthropic desires. When Annabel isn't conjuring magic-imbued global adventures or designing pajamas for Annie's Pajammies, she can be found in the studio recording her original retro-rock music, earning her Master's degree, acting, learning Italian, trying to satisfy her hunger for chocolate, or talking... A LOT!


Here are some of Annie's favorite activities to download and print!

AP Activity Booklet (dragged).jpg

Annie's Activity Booklet

AP Word Find (dragged).jpg

Annie's One-of-a-Kind Pajammie-Word-Find

AP Mystery Word (dragged).jpg

Annie's Ramble Scramble Words

AP Mazes (dragged).jpg

Annie and Anura's Mazes

AP Coloring Pages (dragged).jpg

Annie and Anura's Gond Art (Coloring Pages)

"A pajama-tastic read for those with young children! It's fun, educational, and brilliantly written and illustrated. Annie's Pajammies offers the wonders of exploration, friendship, and cultural competence to every reader! True MAGIC!"

Norah Leigh

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